Ubuntu Trash Art Show

“The Fantastic Rubbish Art Exhibition, showcasing how valuable rubbish can be, runs at the Ubuntu Village at the Wanderers in Johannesburg until 6 September as part of the World Summit on Sustainable Development.”

“The intention is to provide a platform for communication between the artists and crafters on the one hand, and the general public on the other, and to inspire thoughts and discussions around the environment and waste specifically.”

“Artworks, showcased in containers, are made from rubbish ranging from scrapyard objects to melted plastic and telephone directories.

To reach the containers, one follows a footpath through a maze which could easily be mistaken for a scrapyard, because its high walls are made of scrap metal and discarded household appliances.”


“Discussions happen at the end of the exhibition in a ‘South African Talking House’ built by French artists and South African crafters from KwaZulu-Natal. Constructed out of crates and plastic, it looks like a shack – but inside there is a pool table and sound-sensitive lights that shine brightly when you shout and dimly when you whisper – art and technology in action.”


Yeah! I love the fact that they have a manditory meeting place at the end of the show. Awseome stuff–this is what art should be, I think.



Tim Nobel and Sue Webster

Light art and trash art intersect in very cool ways.



The Wooster Collective

“The Wooster Collective was founded in 2001. This site is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.”

“Wouldn’t it be cool if more people picked up a marker or a spray can and made their trash (or that of others) a little more fun, interesting and creative while it sits on city streets before it’s hauled off to the dump[?]”



Jason Mercier (More Trash Art)

A guy who likes to make pictures of famous people and pop culture out of trash.


Donald Trump (Bazillonaire)


Ryan Adams (Musician)


“Susu and Rico” (I have no idea–probably just some crazy lady with a parrot)


Pink (Musician)  Looking trashier than usual.


HA Shult’s Trash People

“In 1996, when HA Schult has installed one thousand life sized ‘Trash People’, in the Amphitheatre of Xanten, the idea was born to send them around the world.”

“We live in the trash time: we produce trash and we become trash. Therefore HA Schult’s ‘Trash People’ are images of ourselves.”


(^ this one’s definitely my favorite)



Art Thrown Away By Cleaner


“LONDON (Reuters) – A cleaner at London’s Tate Britain modern art gallery threw out a bag of garbage which formed part of an artwork because it was thought to be trash, British newspapers reported Friday.”

” The newspapers said the spokesman would not reveal how much the bag had cost to replace.”